Our School

The Prepatoria independent school in Shrewsbury

The Prepatoria School for 4 – 7 year olds. Now open – few spaces remaining for September 2019!

Our unique curriculum brings together the very best principles and practices from across the world. 

We have woven this with the most successful principles, practices and teaching methods of our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rated Pre-school to create a new curriculum perfect for children from 5 to 7 years. Since opening in September 2018 our school has also been graded by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding, – read the report here

The government’s desire to standardise education to ensure that all children access the ‘same standard wherever they live in the country’ has created a very real problem.

The National Curriculum is a very narrow funnel through which all children must pass or risk falling by the wayside.

But we’re not all the same, we don’t learn in the same way and don’t achieve at the same time. So why is there an insistence to treat children all the same

The Prepatoria Curriculum provides all the same core subjects you might expect to see, but our overarching principles of spiritual, moral, cultural, social and personal awareness ensure that children develop holistically and as fully rounded individuals.

This innovative approach to providing education, naturally, takes into account the needs of each child but uniquely recognises the changing, dynamic and challenging needs of families in the 21st Century!

Wanting the best for children is natural but finding the best for your individual child’s needs is extremely difficult – until now.

How The Prepatoria School is different

This is a school brought in to being at the request of parents. We’ve listened to parents’ wants and needs for their children (and modern life!) and responded.

    • Small class sizes

    • Open 48 weeks a year (10 weeks longer than traditional schools)

    • Take your holidays anytime

    • 1/3 cheaper than other independent schools

  • Much more affordable than you think and funding available

The long school holidays are a problem for working parents, so we don’t have them.

The Prepatoria School is open for just under 48 weeks of the year. Family holidays, taken outside of school terms are expensive, so we’ve arranged for our families to take up to 9 weeks annual leave, without penalty, at anytime of the year. Imagine the savings you could make!

You can forget about the need for expensive holiday clubs too. Children will learn exciting and challenging topics right across the year at a pace that is perfect for these young learners, allowing each child to learn in their own way.

Our Nursery and Pre-school parents have been heavily involved in the development of our school and we’ve covered the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ’s – take a look for more info.

The Prepatoria School Scheme of Work

The Prepatoria Curriculum is summarised in ‘The Scheme of Work for a Prepatoria Education’ which is available on request, simply email principal@shrewsburyprepatoria.co.uk

Our first intake is for September 2018.

We have limited places, and are taking pre-registration interest now, so if you’d like to know more please get in touch as a priority.

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