Our Nursery & Pre-school

Engaging spaces for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Understanding the complex needs of each age group has been paramount in designing the layout of our two buildings. The Infant and Toddler Centre, designed and resourced by Community Playthings, accommodates children from birth to three years. Children three to five years enjoy the facilities in our Pre-school building.

Babies – from birth to two years

Our beautiful baby space allows for the ever-changing needs of this youngest group. Divided into three distinct areas, the first, The Quiet Baby Room where babies spend time in one to one activities or in small groups as they crawl, listen to stories, play and sleep. A rocking chair is provided so that children can be rocked, held or nursed to sleep.

The Active Baby Space a provides lots of exciting and stimulating resources for creative, messy and noisy play.

A Cosy Reading Space is set aside so that babies can engage in those crucial one-to-one story times with key people.

Toddlers – two to three years

Toddlers learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning. These active learners are becoming independent, their drive to discover and explore is strong but the skills to communicate their wants and needs is, frustratingly for them, immature.

Their need for physical activity and afternoon naps is balanced well in our well-designed toddler space. Here an open plan room gives access to sinks, toilets and coat pegs promoting independence, a quiet library area provides vital opportunity for rest and quiet story times with special people.

Immediate and easy access to a secure, safe garden space is available to all babies and toddlers, a must for these newly mobile children.

Pre-school – three to five years

The pre-school years are built on the firm foundations of emotional well-being, independence and a drive to discover and learn. Skills developed through interactions and relationships with key persons in our Infant and Toddler Centre, now these children are ready to fly!

Pre-school children learn best when they are part of the learning process. Collaboration, negotiation and hypothesis define the curriculum. What happens if, why and how are key questions which must be answered. Our skilful pedagogues don’t simply provide answers, understanding that proposing further questions enables and encourages the development of creative and critical thinking.

The pre-school department is an exciting environment where risk taking, forest school, cookery, science and a garden art studio provoke discovery, independence and the love of learning are all fostered.

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