Nursery & Pre-school FAQs

Q. Are there Baby or Toddler rooms at the Prepatoria?

A. Yes, but we understand that babies and toddlers learn by watching, listening and engaging with children who are older than they are. We also care enormously about the secure attachments that children make. Having Baby and Toddler Rooms means children will have safe and secure bases to play in and build a relationship with their Key person. The relationships that children make with their Key person are crucial to the long term emotional health of the child. Separating from those important relationships is very hard for a child. At the Prepatoria children will move from bases to base only when they are physically, emotionally and intellectually ready. Children will never move to suit the conveniences of the nursery.


Q. Can my child attend half day sessions?

A. At the Prepatoria children may do full day sessions, half day sessions or a mix of both. Children will need to do at least two sessions each week. This is because when a child accesses the Prepatoria for just one session each week they find it quite difficult to settle and will only ever meet one group of children.


Q. How will my child be prepared for school?

A. Jane Smalley is the owner and manager of the Prepatoria and is also a qualified and experienced Early Years Teacher. All children of two years of age and older will spend dedicated time in the school room with the full time teacher. All members of the Prepatoria team are well qualified and experienced educators sharing the Prepatoria aim that children will leave literate and numerate and ready for school.


Q. Does the Prepatoria take families who wish to use the fifteen hour entitlement?

A. Families may access the entitlement or other funding to help towards the cost of childcare.
Families who wish to use only the fifteen hour entitlement without purchasing any other sessions will be accommodated according to the sessions and space we have available at the time of request.


Q. Can my child play outdoors the Prepatoria?

A. Children have free access to all areas of the Prepatoria including the outdoor space. This is very important to us as we recognise that children learn in different ways and have different needs. We understand too that it is crucial to the health and well-being of children to be out of doors so that they have as much daylight and fresh air as possible.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about Shrewsbury Prepatoria that’s not covered here, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help.