Our Reggio Approach

Reggio Emilia is a movement towards cooperative early childhood education, where the inquisitive mind of each child leads its own journey of discovery and learning.

Combining the national curriculum with the best Reggio principles

In the UK, a formal education is important and we understand the crucial role we have to play in this. However, we know children’s brains are most susceptible to learning from birth to five years and it’s our intention to maximise this potential.  Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we’ve established a unique approach of our own, a ‘Prepatoria Education’.

With a low ratio of children to adults, we ensure that children are able to spend quality time with their teachers and key persons. Key persons spend time observing the interests of children and use what they see to inform planning across all age ranges. This ensures that topics and themes are developed in-line with children’s current interest.

Adult-led activities introduce children to new ideas and knowledge, based on a secure knowledge of the skills children need and how they learn.

Our children are encouraged to use language to investigate and explore relationships and to reflect on their experiences. We believe children use many, many different ways to show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity; we actively encourage them.

Our aim is to ensure that all children leave us capable, strong, resilient, confident, numerate and able to read and write.

We’ve created an environment in which each child is loved, respected and developed as an individual. A place where all staff are well qualified, where children have access to a full time teacher every day. Where the curriculum for children is designed and delivered at the optimum point of learning each day. Where each child’s perspectives are valued and their emotional and individual needs come first.

What is the Reggio Emilia approach?

The Reggio Emilia approach originated in the Italian town of Reggio Emilia and the surrounding areas – read more about its foundations here. 

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