Healthy eating

We are committed to providing  high quality and nutritious meals for children based on our understanding of the nutritional needs.

Our full time, fully qualified chef designs menus to suit both a vegetarian or full menu option and to meet the complex dietary needs of children from birth to five years of age.

All food is prepared on the premises and is made fresh to order. Meat, fish and vegetables are provided by our local supermarket and are delivered fresh not frozen.

Our full menu choice provides two meat meals each week, consisting of either: chicken, beef, lamb and pork. There is normally one fish dish each week and two vegetarian dishes.

The vegetarian menu choice will include some quorn, lentils, pulses and tofu as protein replacements.

Second course desserts to accompany the lunch include yoghurt, milk puddings or fruit platter.

All children are offered a fruit platter choice at snack time and Afternoon Tea consist of sandwiches, cheese and crackers and fruit.